The Zell Early-Stage Fund is a venture capital and pre-venture capital investment fund operated by Ross BBA students under the supervision of the Fund's Faculty Managing Director. The Fund is modeled on ZLI's famous Wolverine Venture Fund and the Zell Lurie Commercialization Fund. The Fund invests real money in real deals in real companies.

The Fund is a capstone course that awards 3 credits in the Winter terms of your junior and senior years. Fund members are selected at the beginning of their Junior year via a rigorous application process. They are expected to serve on the Fund during both Fall and Winter semesters, for two years. As Juniors, Fund members are like associates. In their Senior year, students are like partners and mentors. The Fund is a big commitment and will require much of your time. As it is a course for credit, it should be held at the same level of priority as your education. It is one of the most serious and distinctive courses at any business school.

For entrepreneurs seeking an investment, please contact us at: We typically invest in early-stage companies in the technology, healthcare, and energy sectors, but welcome compelling opportunities outside these areas as well.

For BBA sophomores interested in joining, please see below for more information.​