Advisory Board

These successful entrepreneurs and venture capitalists contribute their noted talent and expertise to the Board, advising the Zell Lurie Institute on its activities and future direction.

Pamela Applebaum
President & CEO
Jonn Behrman
Chief Product Officer
Shakily Baranwal Founder-CEO Edblox
Benjamin Lurie
Equity Group Investments
Thomas C. Kinnear
Professor of Marketing
Mark Florence
Managing Partner, Founder
Mary L Campbell
Managing Director, founder
Samuel Zell
Jeffrey D. Weedman
CEO, Principal
Timothy Wadhams
Former Chief Executive Officer
Samuel Valenti III
Chairman & CEO
Maria A. Thompson
Michael Staebler
Attorney at Law
Jeff Sinclair
Managing Director
Richard Rogel
Tim Petersen
Managing Director
Mitch Mondry
Founder & President
Clyde McKenzie
Chairman & CEO
Steven McKean
Founder, Chairman & CEO
Ann Lurie
Hans Koch
Chairman & CEO
Bradley A Keywell
Co-Founder & CEO
John C Kennedy
President & CEO
William Hall
General Partner
Kenneth A Buckfire
Managing Director & Co-President
Dwight D. Carlson
Chairman, Founder, & CEO
Hal Davis
Entrepreneur & Investor
Marcel Gani