About Zell Lurie


The faculty and staff of the Zell Lurie Institute bring a wealth of experience to the study and practice of entrepreneurship. The ZLI team is a dedicated group of professionals with backgrounds and ongoing practice in founding startups, venture capital, technology commercialization, startup management,
invention, and successful exit strategies.

Alison Todak, ZLI Entrepreneurs University of Michigan
Desai Accelerator Program Coordinator
(734) 249-8988
atodak [at] umich.edu
Andrea Shipp-Caldwell
Program Coordinator
shippca [at] umich.edu
Anne Perigo ZLI Entrepreneurs University of Michigan
Associate Director
(734) 615-4425
aperigo [at] umich.edu
David J Brophy, ZLI University of Michigan
(734) 764-7587
djbrophy [at] umich.edu
Jim Price, ZLI University of Michigan
Professor of Entrepreneurial Studies; Executive in Residence
(734) 764-1387
jimprice [at] umich.edu
Josh Botkin, ZLI University of Michigan
Entrepreneur in Residence
(734) 717-5559
jbotkin [at] umich.edu
Kelly Lapierre Desai ZLI Entrepreneurs University of Michigan
Desai Accelerator Managing Director
(734) 707-1889
klapierr [at] umich.edu
Mary Nickson
Associate Director
(734) 615-4424
mnickson [at] umich.edu
Marybeth Davis
Program Assistant
mbdavis [at] umich.edu
Michele Thomas ZLI
Program Specialist
(734) 615-4419
michtho [at] umich.edu
Mike Johnson Zell Lurie Institute Ross
Entrepreneur in Residence; Lecturer
mljohnson [at] gmail.com
Erik Gordon
Clinical Professor
(734) 764-5274
rmegordo [at] umich.edu
Ryan Gourley
TechArb Director
(734) 763-1021
rgourley [at] umich.edu
Sarika Gupta, ZLI Entrepreneurs University of Michigan
Managing Director
(734) 615-4422
sarikag [at] umich.edu
Shannon Beeman, ZLI University of Michigan
Marketing & Communications Manager
srbeeman [at] umich.edu
Stewart Thornhill
Executive Director
(734) 615-4421
thorstew [at] umich.edu